Self-taught web developer, working professionally for 9+ years and on side projects for over 20 years in various PHP frameworks and JavaScript/CSS compilers. Experience with regular and NoSQL databases.


Interactive Producer (Web Developer)
Cronin & Co., 2016–Present

  • Main work involves several landing pages for paid search campaigns, run from a Laravel project.
  • Other work on sites that are headless (focus on Contentful) or run in WordPress.
  • All utilize workflow, usage of APIs, and SEO.
  • Non-client duties include maintaining Amazon AWS services for the development team and the company web site.

Web Developer
DrinkCaffeine, 2012–2015

  • Main work was primarily in Drupal and a custom-developed CMS for a ski resort.
  • Drupal work revolved around templating and developing modules.
  • Ski resort CMS work involved product management, CR database integration, and payment processing.

Support Specialist, 1998–2012 (owner has passed away)

  • Most work was server management: maintenance of existing Linux servers and deployment of new ones for clients.
  • Occasionally trained clients with new software or utilizing client portal software after significant changes.


Southern Connecticut State University
New Haven, CT, USA

  • Majored in history, minored in journalism.
  • Studied early computer science classes, learning Fortran and Pascal.
  • Attended 1998–2001.