I am a self-taught web developer, working professionally for 9+ years and on side projects for over 20 years in various PHP and front-end frameworks. I am currently employed full time at Cronin.

A photograph of Michael at his desk, with his computer open in the background to some code and the corresponding web page.

A lot of my recent professional work has been done in Laravel, WordPress, and Contentful – from APIs to product information sites. All of my recent projects integrate some form of workflow to handle assets – usually Webpack to compile. Most is CI, currently deployed using BitBucket + Circle, with features/bugs/changes managed in JIRA. I am constantly learning new ways to do things, however, and can generally pick up a technology within a few hours.

I am very skilled at identifying reusable components in a design, then separating those into modules for ease of editing. That helps me to utilize standard coding principles for my work. I use Git, of course, to manage revisions, and all development I do is fully documented – be it a simple HTML build, a blog, or forms that integrate with CR databases.

An old journal and a fountain pen. (Image from https://hroarr.com/article/glossary-of-late-medieval-terminology-15th-century-baltic/)

My “hobby” is writing fiction so I aim to be very communicative and open to feedback, as well as trying to understand a client’s needs without being too technical. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to collaborating on any projects I might be a good fit for!