Thanks for visiting! This web site is a place for me to post information relevant to my series of stories. There is a good amount of info and it will only continue to grow!

I started with the first seven chapters of the first book of the first series (that’s a lot of firsts!) – you can read them all on one page using the category page, or you can simply view it chapter-by-chapter and start with the introduction page. You can download the entire thing in an ebook format, too, on my download page.

I would actually recommend viewing the “about” pages first to get a good overview of what my stories are about. If you were to just dive right into Injury of the Spirit you would assume it was a fantasy tale (even though there are no fantastical creatures like elves or dragons) and it may be good to understand the sci-fi current that it swims in. There are also some chapter samples from several of the books, though they may be a little “spoilery” for some people.

The top level “about” page has an overview of what lead to my stories and then there are some pages underneath it which go into detail about the individual stories and the parts of those stories. (One day I will set aside time for some similes.)

The “information” pages are some auxiliary information that deals with the timeline, the background story, and other pertinent details which don’t necessarily need an explanation in the books.

I would love to have this shared with people so if you know anyone who might like it, send them the link. You can contact me using the link at the bottom of the page or through my Facebook page.

Oh – credit for the hero picture (Planets) is to the artist, Jonas Lesser. Many thanks to him for allowing me to use it, as it is awesome! Also, when my server crashed I lost the credits for the images so let me know if yours is on here so I can attribute properly, thanks!