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Michael V. ColiannaAuthor / Web Developer

Michael and his wife Lani recently experienced a terrible loss: Their son, Declan Wilder, passed away on December 27th, 2023. This came after Declan lost his twin in utero and after nearly seven years of IVF attempts. A memorial website has been set up at where you can view more information and, if you're so inclined, leave some words of sympathy for the family.

Michael (he/him) is a hard-of-hearing/deaf author & web developer. He has worked professionally for over a decade, and on side projects for over 20 years in various PHP and front-end frameworks.

Michael writes a mix of fantasy and science-fiction set in the distant future. His stories in either genre are grounded, focusing on the character relationships and societal changes instead of magical creatures or space battles. A current of mystery runs under them all, as well. You can purchase his first book one of two ways: your local bookstore can order a copy through their system OR you can get it on Amazon in ebook or paperback form! If you've read the book, there's an online appendix.

FCoE Cover
The cover of Fractured Children of Earth featuring artwork by Ashe Samuels (

For more information about Michael, check out the “about” page. The “stories” page gives a little bit of detail about his writing, and the “work” page contains some samples of recent projects he’s completed.

Photograph of Michael
A 3/4 photograph of Michael, showing the taper of his beard and the shaved portion on the right of his head, as well as a peek of his teal hair. On the wall behind him are two paintings of an artichoke and a cucumber, labeled, “Okie Dokie, Artichokie!” and “I am kind of a big dill,” respectively.