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Thanks for visiting! This web site is a place for me to post information relevant to my series of stories. They detail a vast arc of what I call “future history” but the main story that’s up here right now is part of a series called The Child of Time.

First Steps

I would actually recommend viewing the about page first to get a good overview of what my stories are about. Other pages help to understand the current that my work swims in.

Not Typical Fantasy/Sci-Fi

If you were to just dive right into The Child of Time you would assume it was a fantasy tale, even though there are no fantastical creatures like elves or dragons.

Supplemental Details

The information pages are some auxiliary information that deals with the timeline, the background story, and other pertinent details which don’t necessarily need an explanation in the books.


I also have short stories and sneak previews of upcoming work on the extras pages. Since I don't like to bug my editor with unfinished material, some of it may be pretty raw or edited to remove spoilers.

What's New
New design

New site design!

Everything is really nice and pretty now.


Chapter 30

Injury of the Spirit, Chapter 30

Mekin says goodbye to his friends and family, finally apologizing to Ruñe. However, he can't find the courage to tell her how he really feels.


Chapter 29

Injury of the Spirit, Chapter 29

Put on trial, Mekin begins to worry that the king may not honor the promise he made to Belzamus.