Michael V. Colianna

Author / Web Developer

Michael (he/him) is a hard-of-hearing/deaf author & web developer. He has worked professionally for over a decade, and on side projects for over 20 years in various PHP and front-end frameworks. He’s currently employed full time at Cronin (new tab).

Michael writes a mix of fantasy and science-fiction set in the distant future. His stories in either genre are grounded, focusing on the character relationships and societal changes instead of magical creatures or space battles. A current of mystery runs under them all, as well.

Photograph of Michael

A 3/4 photograph of Michael, showing the taper of his beard and the shaved portion on the right of his head, as well as a peek of his teal hair. On the wall behind him are two paintings of an artichoke and a cucumber, labeled, “Okie Dokie, Artichokie!” and “I am kind of a big dill,” respectively.

For more information about Michael, check out the “about” page. The “stories” page gives a little bit of detail about his writing, and the “work” page contains some samples of recent projects he’s completed.