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Michael V. ColiannaAuthor / Web Developer


More in-depth detail about Michael.

Web Development

A lot of Michael’s recent professional work has been done in Laravel, WordPress, and Contentful – from APIs to product information sites. All of his recent projects integrate some form of workflow to handle assets – usually Webpack to compile. Most is CI, currently deployed using BitBucket + Circle, with features/bugs/changes managed in JIRA.

Michael’s constantly seeking new ways to do things, however, and he can generally pick up a technology within a few hours. As an example of that, Michael learned React (albeit via Gatsby), as well as how to implement Vue in a Nuxt project, then deployed those sites through Netlify — all in the space of a week. Since then he's also picked up the Next.js framework (also React-based).

Michael at work
A photograph of Michael at his desk, with his computer open in the background to some code and the corresponding web page.

Michael is very skilled at identifying reusable components in a design, then separating those into modules for ease of editing. That helps him to utilize standard coding principles for his work. He uses Git to manage revisions, and all development he does is fully documented – be it a simple HTML build, a blog, or forms that integrate with CR databases.

The “work” page includes some screenshots of web sites and code samples.


The skeleton for Michael’s stories began forming as early as 14 years old. He wondered what the future held for humanity, and whether we would travel into space. Idolizing Ursula K. LeGuin, Isaac Asimov, and C.S. Friedman, he followed humanity into the future and a combination of science fiction/fantasy elements trickled into the resulting stories.

“Planets“ painting by Jonas Lesser (

Outside of writing, Michael bicycles, runs, and lifts weights. He’s also been running a Dungeons & Dragons campaign for over 20 years with his unruly and – let’s say imaginitive – friends. He and his wife have been on a curious journey sparked by infertility as they try to expand their family. As well, he recently received a diagnosis of hearing loss. So now elements of those things are finding their ways into his stories, too.

The “stories” page contains some details about what Michael’s been working on.