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Michael V. ColiannaAuthor / Web Developer

Author Site (Older Version)

Michael's old version of his author site, from when they were separate domains.
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(Older design shown for custom code purposes.) I wanted to update my site to showcase the work for my writing hobby. I wanted a design that was incredibly flexible and would work across multiple devices with little tweaking. I needed to account for older links and provide appropriate data for sharing, SEO, and structured data.

Guild Library: Javascript
Custom scripting for the site using jQuery.

As I am not a designer, I located a theme I liked and applied changes to it that suited the style of my work.

I created a custom “framework” to handle routing. I utilized YAML to make both the valid paths and redirects. I made several classes for \handling the variables, the Twig template engine, and development mode.

Guild Library: PHP method
Private method in a custom class for retrieving domain details

The result is a much easier to manage web site that looks better and will help to increase the web presence for my hobby as I ramp up campaigns and social media usage.